Babies at the Float Baby Spa in Texas are having a much better day than you

If your infant is super stressed, there’s a baby spa for that.

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A new kind of spa is taking over and it is exclusively for babies.

Float Baby in Houston, Texas, has gained international attention after opening this past February. So far, 330 clients have visited the spa according to owner and founder Kristi Ison, who claims that the service improves physical and cognitive development “by as much as 50% ahead of non-water peers.”

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Founder Kristi Ison says that the service improves physical and cognitive development.

The spa has babies from two weeks old up to eight months old float for 20 minutes in a small pool while wearing waterproof swim diapers and a specially-designed (and patent-pending) donut-shaped flotation device around their necks to keep their heads above water. The inflatable tubes are sized by staff every visit to keep babies comfortable.

Known as hydrotherapy, the inflatable ring allows the babies to move around easily, all while strengthening muscle and bone structure, according to Ison. The water of the tiny pool is purified and kept at a comfortable 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pools are washed out daily.

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Babies wear a waterproof diaper and inflatable device around their necks.

The babies are then taken out of the pool and get a neonatal massage performed by their parents who are coached by Ison, who is a certified instructor in infant massage.

All in all the service costs $65 and runs roughly an hour.

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Parents perform neonatal massages after the pool time.

“Parents consistently report that their babies are sleeping better, eating more, and are generally happier and stronger,” she told Business Insider.

As of yet, there’s been no research to support Ison’s claims that the water will improve strength and cardiovascular health of the infants more than any other exercise. But if the Float Baby testimonials are to be believed, parents love the service, saying that their children are eating and sleeping better.


Parents love the service, saying that their children are eating and sleeping better.

Ison got the idea from Baby Spa in Kensington London, according to NBC News TODAY, which also has water immersion and massages for infant (given by neonatal and pediatric nurses). The U.K. service costs £60 for one hour.

Ison is now planning to improve her Houston studio experience by adding individual tubs for younger babies this fall, and hopes to open 10 more franchises across the US in early 2015. Get used to baby spas, America.


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